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Birthdate:Apr 17
Location:Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
About Me

I like japanese anime, manga, j pop, j rock, rock, metal....and rpg (para or semi para)..


Hi to my irl best friends nina and andrea, friends john, andrew, richard, christina *and more lol* and a big hi to all my online friends *huggles*. Oh and a big kiss for my baby stuart *kiss*.


For a more detailed less random intro, see here.


Ellis/Nadie (El Cazador de la bruja) is my [community profile] otp.


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abjd, anime, apollo justice, asian films, avatar, avatar challenges, avatar prompts, avatars, ball jointed dolls, banner challenges, banner prompts, banners, battle royale, battle royale 2, beatmania, bento, bjd, books, cakes, ccg, ccgs, challenge, challenges, charmed, chocolate, collecting card games, colouring, cosplay, crossovers, crystal healing, crystals, dance dance revolution, dating sims, ddr, doctor who, dollfie, dollfies, doujin, drabbles, drawing, elves, eroge, fairies, fanart, fanfiction, fanfiction challenges, fanfiction prompts, fanfictions, fantasy, films, final fantasy, first aid, ganguro, geisha, gothic lolita, guild wars, gyakuten saiban, hana yori dango, harry potter, hentai, heroes, hex, icon challenges, in the groove, interactive fiction, itg, j pop, j rock, japan, japanese anime, japanese dramas, japanese food, japanese live action, japanese manga, ju-on, ju-on: the grudge, ju-on: the grudge 2, kimono, kudamono, lady vengeance, lord of the rings, manga, maplestory, monty python, morning musume, movies, online ccg, online ccgs, online tcg, online tcgs, original character, original characters, os-tan, otaku senshi, pairings, para para, pgsm, phoenix wright, piu, portal, prompts, pullip, pump it up, ramen, resident evil, ringu, ringu 2, sailor moon, sailor moon cosplay, sci-fi, science fiction, sekai no melody, spells, spiral, stamps, stories, sucre kiseki, super dollfie, super dollfies, sushi, sweet lolita, tamagotchi, tcg, tcgs, tea, tenchi muyo, the ring, the ring 2, the sarah jane adventures, tokimeki memorial, torchwood, touhou, trading card games, tv shows, twilight, unicorn, video games, visual novels, voice acting, volks, warai dake emi, weighted companion cube, wicca, wiccan, witches, writing, writing challenges, writing prompts, yaoi, yuri
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